2024 Luxe Interiors + Design RED Awards

2024 Luxe Interiors + Design RED Awards

2024 Luxe Interiors + Design RED Awards 1127 357 The Washington Design Center

As the year draws to a close, it’s not just the holiday season that’s generating buzz in the design community—it’s also the opening of submissions for the prestigious 2024 Luxe Interiors + Design RED Awards. Renowned for celebrating the pinnacle of residential design, these awards are a benchmark of excellence and a coveted accolade for design professionals.

This year, Luxe is expanding its horizons and inviting submissions that not only showcase breathtaking residential design projects but also highlight innovation in product design across 11 home categories. Whether you’re an architect who has reshaped the skyline, an interior designer who has crafted immersive experiences, or a product designer whose creations redefine everyday living, the RED Awards are your platform to shine on a national stage.

The Luxe Magazine RED Awards honor the exceptional, the innovative, and the truly inspiring. With submissions open until December 8th, now is the time to prepare your portfolios and submit your projects for consideration. This is more than just an award—it’s an opportunity to be acknowledged by peers, to inspire the industry, and to mark your work with a seal of excellence recognized across the country.

Winning a RED Award propels your work into the spotlight for the world to admire, celebrates your dedication to design, and sets a high standard for the year ahead. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this elite group of talent.

Click on the button below and make your submission count. Let’s see your design narrative unfold and your name etched among the best in the 2024 Luxe Interiors + Design RED Awards.