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New at HINES & Co.: Indoor-Outdoor Fabric from Harlequin and Sanderson Colorful Beauty For Indoors And Out This season, Harlequin and Sanderson are excited to announce the launch of their ranges of indoor-outdoor fabrics. Each collection features 10 stunning prints that work effortlessly across sofas and sun loungers. Created with eco-fast inks, the fabrics are all water-and mildew-resistant, and with excellent resistance to light, colors stay strong, even after the sunniest of days. At 80,000…
MOORPARK, Calif. (Oct. 13, 2021) — The past year and a half has transformed the way people think about fabrics. As health became a top priority for businesses and individuals alike, easy-to-clean materials soared in popularity. And as families began spending more time at their homes, practical fabrics that could withstand the wear and tear of daily life grew to be a staple in both interior and exterior design.  Demand for functional, durable, cleanable fabrics…
Explore patterns by color and style, featuring designs from all of our brands that are in stock and ready for your next project. Collections in this vast library include Inside Out, Graphic Prints, Indoor/Outdoor and Modern Colors bringing you the ease of shopping all in one place. Get inspired today. View Virtual Books
  Schumacher is excited to introduce Molly Mahon Hand Block Prints II. This delightful block print collection features a variety of botanical and geometric patterns in a rainbow of colorways. Included is Trellis Hand Block Print, a checkered pattern inspired by the lattice repetition of a garden trellis. Visit the Schumacher showroom for a memo of more cheerful fabrics!   Photo: Emma Lewis Photography
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