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    Located in the vibrant cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, Michael-Cleary stands as an eminent purveyor of luxury, to-the-trade furnishings and decor. Our curated selection spans an expansive range, encompassing furniture, lighting, premium fabrics, distinctive wall coverings, exquisite rugs, and handpicked accessories. Every piece in our collection echoes a commitment to quality, artistry, and timeless design.

    From ageless, traditional aesthetics to cutting-edge contemporary styles, Michael-Cleary bridges the gap, ensuring every interior designer and enthusiast finds something that resonates with their vision. Furthermore, our assortment isn't just limited to domestic masterpieces. We've traveled the globe, seeking out unique finds that bring a touch of international flair to our offerings.

    Understanding the nuanced requirements of our clientele, we provide an added layer of service - customization. Whether it's a tweak in design, a specific shade, or a different texture, our team collaborates closely with clients, ensuring their envisioned piece comes to life with precision.

    If you're in search of luxury additions to your next design project or simply wish to elevate a space with a touch of opulence, Michael-Cleary is your premier destination. For details on customization options, product specifications, or pricing inquiries, please reach out to our dedicated showroom team. Experience the pinnacle of luxury design with Michael-Cleary.


    • A. Rudin
    • Alfonso Marina
    • Allan Knight
    • Bart Halpern
    • Borderline
    • Casal
    • DANAO
    • Dogwood Fabrics
    • Elizabeth Benefield
    • Emanuel Morez
    • Erinn V
    • Gancedo Textiles
    • Grag Studios
    • Groves Bros. Fabrics
    • Hable Construction
    • Harrison Van Horn
    • Hazelton House
    • Hector Finch Lighting
    • Henry Royer
    • Hickory Chair
    • Hubbard
    • JH Lighting
    • James Dunlop Textiles
    • Keith Fritz Fine Furniture
    • Korla Textiles
    • Lane Venture
    • Marvic Textiles
    • McLean Lighting Works
    • Minton-Spidell
    • Mulligans
    • Niermann Weeks
    • Paper Mills
    • Pearson
    • Randolph & Hein
    • Studio Zen Wallcoverings
    • Villa & House
    • Wind Fabrics
    • de Gournay