John Rosselli & Associates

John Rosselli & Associates


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    Over fifty years ago, John Rosselli opened his first antiques shop in New York City. He quickly created a destination for interior designers and architects who came to rely on John's sophisticated eye and the shop's ever changing inventory of antiques and furnishings.

    Today John Rosselli continues its traditions of bringing new and exciting products to market and maintaining a distinguished staff able to accommodate your design needs.


    • Adelphi Paper Hangings
    • Aesthetic
    • Carolina Irving Textiles
    • Dufour, Ltd.
    • GLANT
    • Jasper
    • John Robshaw
    • Kathryn M. Ireland
    • Le Gracieux
    • Lisa Fine Textiles
    • Michael S. Smith
    • Nicole Fabre Designs
    • O. Henry House
    • Peter Dunham Textiles
    • Peter Fasano
    • Radish Moon
    • Raoul Textiles
    • Schuyler Samperton
    • Serena Dugan
    • Templeton
    • Twigs
    • Vermilion Rugs
    • Waterhouse