Rue IV

On November 1, the Lambeth family will pass their baton to Janine and Jay Guerin, industry veterans who will launch Rue IV. Rue IV will continue the great tradition of providing this talented industry with incredible products supported by stellar staff. Janine and Jay look forward to being champions and supporters of designers and design students in the DC market and the Mid-Atlantic region - in the same fashion as the Lambeths.

Rue IV (named for the Guerin’s love of wandering the streets of Paris, and their three-year-old daughter, Ivy) will be a multiline showroom anchored by Fabricut and featuring many other luxury brands including Hartmann & Forbes, Zimmer + Rohde, James Malone, Arte, Elitis, Innovations, Marc Phillips, Porta Romana and Verellen. Janine and Jay are thrilled by the opportunity to be a premiere agent showroom.

  • Suite:
  • 220
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  • Ardecora
  • Area Environments
  • Arte
  • Astere
  • Barry Dixon Fabrics, Trimmings & Wallcovering
  • Charles Faudree
  • Charlotte Moss
  • Chase Erwin
  • Chivasso
  • CMO
  • Dana Gibson Fabrics, Trimmings & Wallcovering
  • Danao
  • Elitis
  • Erika M Powell
  • Fabricut
  • Fabricut Drapery Hardware
  • Fabricut Fabrics & Trimmings
  • Fabricut Outdoor
  • Fragments Identity
  • French General
  • George Washington's Mount Vernon
  • Hartmann & Forbes
  • Hodsoll McKenzie
  • Innovations
  • Isaac Mizrahi
  • Isabelle de Borchgrave
  • J Robert Scott Textiles
  • J Samuel
  • J.P. Horton
  • JAB
  • JAB Decorative Hardware
  • JAB Wallcovering
  • Jaclyn Smith
  • James Malone
  • Johnstons of Elgin
  • Kendall Wilkinson
  • Marc Phillips
  • Marika Meyer Textiles
  • Nate Berkus
  • Paris Texas Hardware
  • Porta Romana
  • Rachel Brown
  • Robert Kuo
  • Roger Thomas
  • S Harris
  • S Harris Wallcovering
  • Stroheim
  • Stroheim Fabrics & Trimmings
  • Stroheim Outdoor
  • Stroheim Wallcovering
  • The Vale London
  • Tomlinson Companies
  • Travers
  • Verellen
  • Vern Yip
  • Vervain
  • Victoria Larson
  • Zimmer + Rhode