How Do Cultures Influence Color?

February 1, 2024 
11:00 am
Century Furniture, Suite 250


This course will begin with the exploration of diverse cultures and how color is perceived by these potential clients. We will identify the historical significance of color families and in conclusion, view and compare cultural similarities and disparities among color families. The goal is to assist designers in making better educated choices relating to color selection and taking into consideration the inhabitants of these multicultural environments.


  1. Define culture and identify key experiences, influences, and demographics that can impact color perception.
  2. Identify the historical significance of color families between the 1900s and today.
  3. Discuss culture and color associations for key color families.
  4. Incorporate this knowledge of culture and color symbolism when working with a diverse range of clients.


AIA | Course # CultureColor: Qualifies for 1 LU CE credit
IDCEC | Course #CEU-116002: Qualifies for .1 CE credit