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As Longtime residents of the WDC, we’re happy to report that Stark has recently re-launched their website with a number of new trade-centric tools and developments. Registered trade clients can now see trade pricing, purchase a number of Stark products online, and have access to a custom designed “Trade Dashboard.” One of the most innovative new tools for designers, are their “Stark Boards” which give designers the ability to create, save, and send customized…
These rugs are just in at the Doris Leslie Blau showroom in the Washington Design Center. Rugs picture below are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Please contact Madeleine for more information.   Also new at Doris Leslie Blau is this Tibetan wool and silk rug. Custom sizes are available. Email Madeleine Phone: (202) 808-9361
Recently at the Washington Design Center, Duralee held an event with Ann Hahn and a presentation of the Bailey & Griffin line hand screened in Rhode Island. Click here to see the Bailey & Griffin line. [gallery ids="2988,2989,2990,2991,2992,2995"]
Stark is pleased to announce its Nairamat Rug Collection. Each rug is a true work of art. These unique, handmade, rugs are crafted using centuries old techniques. Nairamat's dye masters use environmentally-friendly Swiss dyes to enhance the finest Tibetan wool's natural boldness and luster, while maintaining colorfastness for decades to come. Contact your account manager for more info. VIEW BROCHURE ONLINE REQUEST A BROCHURE