The Washington Design Center



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The Christian Fischbacher fabric LUCE is number 14 of the most popular products at StylePark. You can see more Christian Fischbacher at the Michael-Cleary showroom in the Washington Design Center. r  
Featured in the April issue of The World of Interiors, Cowtan & Tout's RICHMOND on the bed shown in the picture below. Visit Cowtan and Tout online or in the showroom at the Washington Design Center. Showroom Details C
Introducing @Hartmann & Forbes newest woodblind finish — #Branched. Distinctive and stylish, this finish was inspired by the intricate patterns tree branches create against the backdrop of the sky. Alive with secretive motion, they cross and reach. The collection pays homage to the beauty found within this spectacle of nature. Like each pattern of branches, every slat is unique. Together, these handcrafted woodblinds create a sensation like no other.
Holly Hunt has partnered with Sunbrella® to create new exclusive patterns, custom yarn twists, and luxe double width sheers. All items are worry free and easily used indoors or out. View the entire collection of newly launched patterns at   [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="2413,2412,2411,2414"]