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Resurgence of Wallpaper in 2017

Resurgence of Wallpaper in 2017

Featured image shows metallic natural fibers from Holland & Sherry.

2017 Trends in Wallcoverings

2017 is seeing a resurgence in demand for wallpaper. The selection of wallcoverings available today include bold colors, intricate patterns, hand-drawn illustrations and fit with luxury decorating styles ranging from traditional to modern. The quality of wallpaper available today allows interior designers to expand the usage of wallcoverings in creative new ways. With so many choices, a designer's imagination is the limit to the possibilities available.

Arc-Com Wallcoverings
Atric | Arc-Com Digital Wallcovering


Digital printing has opened up the world of wallcoverings to boundless options. Arc-Com has a wide selection of professional digital wallcoverings, but they also have the ability to create custom digitally printed wallpapers based on your own artwork and imagery. Interior designers can work with an experienced technical staff at Arc-Com to create and print customized digital wallcoverings using your own design concepts. You can even modify the textiles used in the process to increase durability, enhance fire resistance, improve stain reppellency or meet specific industry standards for contract use.

Romo Wallcoverings
Lomasi Marquise - ROMO

Geometric Patterns

Need to add interest to a room? Large-scale geometric patterns are perfect. Geometric wallcoverings with texture or metallic highlights work well in bold modern or contemporary room designs. This pattern featured above from ROMO accents the patterns with an eye catching metallic effect.

Lee Jofa wallpaper
Fretwork Foil - Lee Jofa

Metallic Prints

Luxury wallcovering trends almost always include metallics in some shape or form. Modern materials allow for truly glamorous golds, silvers and bronzes. Available in nearly every time of finish from matte to satin, a metallic wallcovering seems to outlast the annual trends as an enduring style beyond the interior design trends of 2017. Shown above is a Fretwork Foil in black and gold from Lee Jofa.

de Gournay at Michael-Cleary
Eden - de Gournay at Michael-Cleary


Nothing says luxury wallcovering more than a hand-painted wallcovering on silk. Original hand-painted murals or tasteful renderings, this highly demanded wallcovering trend seems a constant. Elegant and available in custom hues suited to match any design, hand-painted wallcovering scenes allow designers to achieve a masterful high-end finish. The brightly colored "Eden" shown above is from de Gournay and available at Michael-Cleary. As these wallcoverings are often done on-demand and are painstakingly painted by hand, these wings travel around to various showrooms, but you can often request a particular panel from the showroom to view in person or share with your clients.

Schumacher Faux Finish Wallcovering
Glass Paneling - Schumacher

Faux Finishes

Interior designers are flocking to faux finish wallcoverings this year. From residential to contract, these finishes are breaking the traditional mold for how designers think of wallpaper in their spaces. Photorealistic and much faster to install than traditional faux finish painting, these wallcoverings are popping up in everything from luxury homes to trendy commercial spaces. This chic mylar wallcovering by Schumacher was inspired by a mirrored David Adler room.