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Change a Room by Changing the Soft Furnishings

Fields by Hartmann & Forbes at J Lambeth

By Rebecca MacLary

You change the whole feeling of a room when you change the soft furnishings such as the cushions and curtains. If you start with a neutral-colored room, the use of color accents in your soft furnishings will make the room “pop”. The window coverings you use will give the room an entirely different atmosphere.

INK from Robert Allen Design - Shipibo

In the living room, choose accent pillows and curtains in a color that stand out against a neutral background. Bold colors will make the room feel active, modern, and exciting. Soft pastels and muted colors make the room feel romantic and inviting. Choose different textures and fabrics for contrast and variation. Make sure the fabrics feel nice, too. A scratchy pillow isn’t very inviting.

Whimsey Blank Sheer from Kravet

The type of window coverings you select will dictate the atmosphere of a room. Billowy white sheer curtains make the room romantic. Traditionally-styled heavy brocade curtains set the tone for the rest of the furnishings. Match your curtains to the style of the rest of the room, or mix up the styles for an eclectic look.

Aradonis Natalia from Osborne & Little

A change in the soft furnishings of a room is less expensive than a change in the large furniture pieces or carpet, but the impact is significant. Choose the colors and styles for your curtains and cushions carefully; the feel of the room is set by your choice. And don’t forget to mix up the texture in the fabrics you choose; choose textures and fabrics that are pleasing to the eye as well as the hand.