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High Performance Rugs

High Performance Rugs

Perennials High Performance Rugs

Perennials is the leader in the luxury performance textiles industry. Since the company’s debut in 1997, Perennials has become recognized as the designer’s dream for both contract and residential applications, transforming gardens, pools, yachts and casual living areas into enchanting spaces.

Perennials began with fabrics — but has expanded its offerings to trims and made-to-order rugs and pillows that are every bit as beautiful, cleanable and durable as the fabrics. 


Perennials Rugs Cleaning Tutorial from Perennials Fabrics on Vimeo.

Rugs at Hines & Co.

Luxurious, soft and made to handle the rough stuff, Perennials Rugs are handmade using 100% solution-dyed acrylic, making the rugs beautiful and durable for indoors or out. As you would expect from Perennials, all of the rugs resist mildew and fading, while keeping a luxurious feel underfoot. Colors permeate to the fiber core, guaranteeing that for years to come, your rug will stay as vibrant as the day it arrived. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Perennials rugs are made just the way you want and can be made in any size, any shape or any color. Creating your own Perennials luxury performance rug is only a step away.

 High Performance Rugs

Contact the Hines & Co showroom in the Washington Design Center for more information on Perennials.  

High Performance Rugs