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Fabricut #VelvetLoungeCollection

Once an #‎opulent‬ fabric reserved for royalty and the elite world, ‪#‎velvet‬ is now used to layer interior spaces to achieve visual and textural luxury. A sumptuous fabric and a symbol of extravagance throughout time, the appeal of velvet has never faded.

‪#‎Contemporary‬ with ‪#‎sophistication‬ and stylistic harmony, Fabricut's‪ #‎VelvetLoungeCollection‬ features ‪#‎couture‬-quality ‪#‎jacquards‬ and printed‪ #‎luxury‬ velvets in a variety of ‪#‎modern‬ ‪#‎colors‬. Sensuous lines and textures, combined with contrasting surfaces, create a dialog of light and shade, shiny and matte with abstract-sculptural effects.

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