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Why our brains love curvy shapes?


It’s apparent that yet another year will soon be drawing to a close. Many of us are reflecting back on 2015 while eagerly writing holiday cards. Others are looking ahead to 2016 and making resolutions for the new year. Such is the circle of life.

For such a seemingly simple shape, circles carry a lot of meaning. They signify unity and wholeness and represent the feminine spirit, or Mother Earth. As rings, they symbolize infinity and, in turn, are a symbol of marriage, stability and endurance.

Circles also have ties to our emotions. It seems humans are innately drawn to this seemingly simplistic symbol – and curves in general. A study discussed in a Fastcodesign article revealed that people are drawn to shapes that are round or curved compared to linear and boxy ones. The reason boils down to fear. Sharp, pointy shapes or shapes with angles are processed by our brains with fear because we associate them with danger. Consequently, we see curves as harmless – safe.

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