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The Designer Ally's How To

The Designer Ally's How To


Those of us at the Washington Design Center want to amplify Black voices in interior design.  We understand everyone needs to take their own time to educate and process how you can best contribute to the change you want to see.  One step we have taken here at the Washington Design Center was to make a donation to the Black Interior Designers' Network. If you would like to contribute, you can click here to visit their donation page.


Want to help us out?  Particpate in a social campaign to help others donate to the Black Interior Designers Network.  If you would like to share the graphic we have posted here and on our social media, but are unsure what you want to say, here are some example posts you can use. Be sure you tag your post with #BIDNally.  

1.    I stand with the @BlackInteriorDesignersNetwork and encourage my design industry friends to do the same. We are stronger together. Please follow the link in my bio to take action by supporting these invaluable members of our community today! I am a #BIDNAlly

2.    Thank you @TheBlackInteriorDesignersNetwork for providing us with clear, measurable steps toward inclusion. Systemic racism and injustice did not start overnight and it will not end overnight but we must continue to strive toward inclusion and equality, TOGETHER. Please follow the link in my bio to support the valuable black members of our design community. I am a #BIDNAlly

Here is the link to use for the donation page:

Here is the link for the graphic: