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Wednesday, 11 January 2023 13:50

New Line at HINES & Co.: KOHRO Italy

HINES & Co. now represents KOHRO, an Italian line known for its superb wide-width fabrics, bed linens, and wallcoverings.

Exemplifying taste, savoir-vivre, and outstanding craftsmanship, KOHRO collections leverage their Italian cultural heritage, combining nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology, and unparalleled service. This extraordinary mix promotes a refined sensibility for the home, endless curiosity for the world, and impeccable quality. 


A wide range of fine fabrics, all in double width, results from a fully-controlled textile production supply chain. Linens, cottons, silks, chenille - in solid colors and jacquard, finely embroidered or skillfully finished - convey preciousness and rigor, opulence and simplicity, nature and art, heritage and modernism. Constantly evolving, the collection offers fabrics capable of capturing echoes and atmospheres of different times and places to create interiors of unique elegance.image2 33

Fabric Wallcoverings

Double-width fabrics designed for wallcoverings furnish class and originality. Decorative jacquard or digitally printed patterns, micro patterns, and allover designs in the collection enhance every wall.

image3 35

KOHRO was born in the province of Bergamo in Lombardy, a city surrounded by hills and immersed in nature, with a rich history, art, and a tradition of textile manufacture.

KOHRO is a symbol of an Italian lifestyle that harmoniously blends originality and balance, quality and technological innovation, curiosity, and culture to create an aesthetic recognized and appreciated the world over. Please visit HINES & Co. to discover this refined and highly innovative line.

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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 10:00

Enchanted Gardens from Osborne & Little

The English love affair with gardens and woodlands both native and oriental is the inspiration for this collection of fabrics and wallpapers from Osborne & Little.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:08

Snowbird Interior Design Trends

Ready to fly south for the winter or maybe just looking to create a spot of year round summer warmth? Everyone loves a place to escape to that wraps you in warmth in spite of the frightful weather outside. The Washington Design Center showrooms have everything you need to create the perfect sanctuary. Available year round you can shop for a beach house vibe or create a vibrant sunroom for any season.

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Tuesday, 08 November 2016 05:19

Iconic Queen of Spain from Schumacher

Queen of Spain by Schumacher

Queen of Spain

First introduced in 1963, Schumacher's iconic Queen of Spain is the epitome of classic cool. See how designers have brought this painterly, mid-century gem to life on the Schumacher blog. Designers like Megan Winters, Ali Budd, Kendall Simmons, Lynne Parker and Bonadies Architects use the black colorway to make vivid hues pop and add feminine, fashionable polish.

View Schumacher Blog

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 04:49

Editorial: Quadrille

Quadrille Wallpaper Quadrille Happy Garden Background Wallpaper on Ceiling

Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer's Dallas home is featured in the September 2016 issue of Veranda. This Gothic influenced breakfast room features Quadrille's Happy Garden Background wallpaper on the ceiling of the room.

Happy_Garden_Background Wallpaper Quadrille


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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 11:31

Sneak Peak: Holland & Sherry

The new colorways of pattern "Textura" from Holland & Sherry's wallpaper collaboration with Zina Studios and Countess Nicholas Tania Bobrinskoy. Coming soon. Fall market at the Washington Design Center is going to be spectacular! Stay tuned for more details.


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Saturday, 16 July 2016 03:48

Black Edition Iroko

Black Edition   

A collection of stunning, luxury vinyl wallcoverings in an array of innovative designs all with a unique embossed finish that add depth and movement to the intricate designs, giving an enticing tactile quality.

Black Edition

Intriguing, deconstructed designs add a contemporary twist to classic damasks and give dimension to intricate mosaics. A sophisticated palette of rich, metallic tones further enhance the allure of the designs.

video-169098466-black-edition---making-of-iroko-wallcoverings-43 Click To Play Iroko Video

See More At ROMO




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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 06:24

Hand Painted Wallcoverings

Screenshot 2016-06-21 10.17.38

The collections produced by Holland & Sherry's Long Island City wallcovering studio represent hand-painted wallpaper at its finest. Each of their artists has both a fine arts degree and many years of experience in the field, and their skills are reflected in the craftsmanship of their work.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 10.18.07

Every design is conceived and executed in their workspace in Long Island City, using painting techniques that are innovative yet rooted in tradition. They are inspired by their urban environment, as well as by the commonplace items around them that creative minds employ to create singularly uncommon products. Beautiful, luxurious, and durable their painted wallcoverings lend themselves to unlimited customization. 

Screenshot 2016-06-21 10.18.34

On the artists' tables, paint meets its masters. Most of the tools are handmade from found, repurposed items chosen for the unique effects they yield.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 10.18.15

View The Look Book


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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 05:38

Design Inspiration With Quadrille

If you already picked up the May issue of House Beautiful then you have seen these images by Chicago interior designer Summer Thornton. If you have not yet seen them, then you definitely should!

Design Inspiration

Summer Thornton shows several beautiful ways to use a variety of fabrics and wallcoverings from Quadrille in a Florida retreat. 

Design Inspiration

We included the colorways of each pattern Summer uses in each room and the name of the fabric so you can easily request more information from your local Quadrille showroom in the Washington Design Center. Quadrille is in Suite 335. 

Design Inspiration


Design Inspiration


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Friday, 06 May 2016 04:59

Custom Wall Surface Design

7 Easy Steps For Wall Surface Design

Transform your space into a striking environment with custom wall surface design. If you can visualize it, your design concept can be executed to your most discriminating specifications. Envision the ultimate, wall surfacing visual imagery with limitless scale and infinite colors for your design concept. Abstract artistic visuals, graphic design images, photos, murals, corporate, brand identity and wayfinding are just a few of the environments that Arc|Com Digital Wall Surfacing Solutions can custom tailor to your most demanding project requirements.

Arc|Com Digital Solutions wall surfaces design studio is available to assist you in creating visual design solutions for walls that will inspire and motivate, sooth and calm, or stimulate and excite. Whatever your inspiration and ultimate environment is that you wish to create, our goal is to provide a solution to your digital wall surfacing design needs and to transform your visual design concept into reality.

Custom Wall Surface Design Tunnel Vision Lobby[/caption]

7 Easy Steps / Wall Surface Design

  1. Select image and substrate for your design
  2. Gather wall dimensions
  3. Review project details, expectations, budget, and time frame
  4. Receive quote
  5. Sample production strike off for approval 
  6. Provide formal purchase order
  7. Production and mural delivery 
[caption align="alignleft" width="441"]7 Easy Steps For Wall Surface Design Tampa Children's Hospital

Download Brochure From Arc-Com 


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