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Tuesday, 26 October 2021 13:24

Marine Vinyl from Pindler

MOORPARK, Calif. (Oct. 13, 2021) — The past year and a half has transformed the way people think about fabrics. As health became a top priority for businesses and individuals alike, easy-to-clean materials soared in popularity. And as families began spending more time at their homes, practical fabrics that could withstand the wear and tear of daily life grew to be a staple in both interior and exterior design. 

Demand for functional, durable, cleanable fabrics continues to rise, and in response, Pindler is now offering three product collections — Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean — that offer gorgeous, usable designs for every setting.



Marine Vinyl is a performance vinyl-coated fabric designed for upholstery use in marine, indoor and outdoor applications that require superior strength and durability. It offers outstanding stain and chemical resistance, as well as UV resistance, bacterial resistance, mildew resistance and low-temperature flexibility. With a look that emulates a woven textile, Marine Vinyl comes in numerous colors to fit every design concept. From boats to hotel poolsides to home backyards, Marine Vinyl completes any setting where functionality is key.


Easy Clean combines the latest stain-free technology with beautiful patterns, textures and colors to provide long-lasting, low-maintenance fabrics that look and feel terrific. Designed for indoor use, Easy Clean fabrics resist stains and repel liquids so they don’t seep into the fibers. Cleaning is as simple as blotting the fabric with a dry, absorbent towel. Easy Clean makes it possible to enjoy life’s messiest moments worry-free.

 Easy Clean


Silicone Vinyl is a new type of coated fabric made from 100% silicone with a 100% polyester double-knit backing, allowing better recovery and four-way stretch for easier upholstering. Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, it has a leather-like, soft hand with a subtle surface drag. It is also inherently stain resistant, chemical disinfectant resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, mildew resistant, hydrolysis resistant, UV resistant, and denim dye resistant, with superior cold crack performance. 

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream design aesthetic for the sake of practicality,” said Pindler Design Director Sarah Williamson. “Our Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean products provide tons of gorgeous indoor and outdoor options, so you can create the perfect look while gaining the added peace of mind performance fabrics bring.”

Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean fabrics are available online or at Pindler’s DC showroom.



Pindler has spent 74 years in business perfecting the art of fabric design and development. By sourcing fabrics from all over the world, Pindler provides a unique and ever-expanding product assortment to the professional interior designer. Pindler is focused on the valued customer. The leading fabric company is committed to creating an extraordinary customer experience. Pindler offers the industry’s best outside sales force with hand placement of sampling as well as personal service and attention. The focus of its international network of showrooms is providing excellent customer service while offering an efficient, easy self-service memo program, which is ideal for the busy designer. To learn more about Pindler, please visit

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Hearst Castle Collection: Q&A With Design Director Sarah Williamson

 Pindler first launched its exclusive Hearst Castle Collection more than 23 years ago, with a selection of beautiful designs reflecting the grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique of this famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast. Inspired by a 2019 trip to the castle, Pindler’s design team recently expanded the collection to include eight gorgeous new patterns. 

In this Q&A, Design Director Sarah Williamson shares behind-the-scenes, creative insights on this one-of-a-kind fabric collection.

What was your creative process for developing the new Hearst Castle patterns?

For this latest Hearst Castle collection, our design team spent a week with the staff at the castle and toured all of the property and its extensive archives for fresh inspiration. We left with so many great ideas and took our time finding the right mills to partner with on these designs, making sure we translated the items or imagery into fabrics that showed the detail and beauty.

 image3 small 36

What was the most exciting part of creating these new designs?

I think the process of translating an existing design into fabric is so exciting. A great example would be 7128 – Terrazza. This design was inspired by a geometric wood carving on a desk found in a bedroom in the North Wing of Casa Grande. The carving was translated into a midscale design, which is embroidered on a faux silk ground, and could be used in any space – transitional, traditional, or contemporary.

image4 small 38

What do these new additions offer that wasn’t previously available to designers?

I think this collection has a lot of classic design with a modern twist. You have traditional and transitional embroideries colored in sophisticated and useable hues, luxurious and plush velvets, and digitally printed linen designs, which offer an old-world look in a fresh medium.

What types of environments do you envision these patterns in?

I see each of these designs reaching into many design aesthetics. The Hearst Castle Collection has always been styled for a traditional look, but I feel we’ve colored the collection and introduced new designs that have a great transitional feel.

 image5 small 40

Do you have a favorite design? 

I’d have to say my favorite is 7123 – Renacimiento. The design was inspired by an ornate wood carving found in the lower South Duplex Suite. The Duplex Suites were designed by Julia Morgan to accommodate more of Hearst’s guests in Casa Grande. Our interpretation of the carving work was translated into a beautiful, large-scale, floral design that is embroidered on a wool-blended felt ground cloth. It’s so unique and comes in five stunning colorways – Peridot is my favorite. 

Is there anything else designers should know about the Hearst Castle collection? 

Pindler has been so fortunate over the past 25+ years to be given access to the vast and diverse collections and archives of decorative arts collected by William Randolph Hearst. We are very excited for this new collection to launch and to continue telling the story of Hearst’s passion for all things beautiful. We are also very proud to say a portion of the proceeds from this collection goes to the preservation of the property, which is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the areas of historic architecture, landscapes and decorative arts. 

image6 41

View the whole collection here:

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We've got the inside scoop on two new collections from Pindler. Keep reading.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 06:44

New In November from Pindler

Plenty of new and exclusive fabrics this month from Pindler. Soft and luxurious colorways define these new fabrics. Stop in the showroom or visit the Pindler website for more information today.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 08:31

Belgique Linen Velvet From Duralee

Belgique linen velvet Pindler

Belgique linen velvet is an old world classic with a modern day aesthetic. This velvet is esteemed for its unique texture, luxurious hand, casual elegance, and long lasting wearability. Belgique linen meets 100,000 double rubs, is offered in 15 colorways and is made by the finest velvet weavers in the USA.

Explore Belgique At Pindler

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HearstCastle PostCard 2

Pindler is excited to continue telling the story of William Randolph Hearst’s passion for all things beautiful with the new additions to the Hearst Castle™ Collection. This collection is a beautiful assortment of designs with the timeless elegance and lavishness of the Hearst Castle™. This exclusive collection includes 59 SKU’s and is a fabulous grouping of linen embroidery, applique, velvet and chenille patterns constructed in the finest fibers and woven all over the world.

HearstCastle PostCard 1 

Pindler was fortunate to be given access to the vast and diverse collections and archives of fine decorative arts collected by William Randolph Hearst. Inspired by art and antiques of the Castle, we are proud to feature our Exclusive Hearst Castle™ Collection. This exquisite collection is reflective of the grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique of this famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast.

 Hearst Castle 2

View more about this Collection

 Hearst Castle 1

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 04:56

Mountain Lodge Collection

Mountain Lodge

Pindler’s Mountain Lodge Collection is an authentic Western grouping that draws inspiration from classic design icons of Native American culture. Known for their use of simple geometry of symbolic design, much of their textiles incorporated the art of balance within nature. The patterns in the Mountain Lodge Collection are exclusive to Pindler and have been colored in an updated Southwestern color palette. The Mountain Lodge Collection is a selection of four designs that each meets a minimum of 33,000 double rubs.

Mountain Lodge

View The Collection

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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 06:07

Transcend Classical & Modern


Pindler is proud to present new additions to our Exclusive Platinum Collection. The Platinum Collection transcends classical and modern elements into an alluring collection that is timeless and sophisticated. This beautiful Collection defines the essence of true quality from fiber to fabric incorporating classic design to the height of contemporary styling.


The Platinum Collection is a fabulous grouping of casements and draperies constructed in the finest fibers and woven in Germany. Generations of weavers and dyers who have perfected their craftsmanship inspires this collection that is classic, timeless, and modern.

View The Collection


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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 04:36

Trend Alert - Gilded Age Resurgence

Gilded Age

A New Gilded Age

Interior designers are seeing a resurgence of gilded age interior design styles. Demand for intricate, detailed beauty has become increasingly popular in design. Matching that demand, Pindler introduces the exclusive Hearst Castle® collection. The Hearst Castle® Collection is the result of intense work by Pindler’s design department. Research involved innumerable trips to Hearst Castle®, potential pattern sources were photographed and sketched, and many of the designs went through as many as five metamorphoses before being finalized for production.

Gilded Age Design

4779 Fiorito was inspired by a turn of the century exquisitely embroidered Chinese silk bedspread, found in the archive vault at Hearst Castle.

Gilded Age Fabrics

4778-Corinthian was inspired by a 16th century Italian chasuble found in the archive vault at Hearst Castle. A chasuble is a liturgy vestment worn by clergy during sacred ceremonies. They typically will include elaborate decorative embroidery and applique cording.

Gilded Age Resurgence

4780-Elysian was inspired by a 19th century hand carved throne chair with tooled, painted, and gilt leather upholstery. This spectacular piece was found in the Hearst Castle archives.

See All Fabrics & Colors


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Thursday, 28 January 2016 02:00

Pindler is proud to present NuLeather

Pindler is proud to present NuLeather, a faux leather product that is a necessity for contract and residential designers. NuLeather is soft and pliable with a high end look and finish, but has the qualities and properties of a contract-quality faux leather. NuLeather is specially formulated to make it very easy to clean, and is stain and ink resistant. Additionally, NuLeather passes high hydrolysis testing, is cold crack resistant, and is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant. NuLeather is supple and easy to upholster with, and comes in a variety of colors to suit any designer’s needs for faux leather.

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