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Tuesday, 05 July 2016 03:00



AHNDA by Stephen Burks is an outdoor lounger with all of the iconic style, ergonomic comfort and luxurious attention to detail one expects of the finest indoor pieces. The designer immersed himself in the weaving culture of the Philippines to develop the chair’s signature open weave, a sort of ‘transparent upholstery’ of weatherproof DEDON fiber, beneath which AHNDA’s clearly articulated form signals a fresh approach classic lounger style.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 03:10

Powell & Bonnell


J Lambeth is pleased to announce a partnership with Powell & Bonnell. They identified with their design style and philosophy immediately and we think you will too.

With a philosophy to provide tailored lifestyle-centric solutions of exceptional quality, the P&B team take pride in the fact that they are not confined to a signature design style. This enables their multi-talented design team to create solutions which meet the lifestyle and desires of the client, while respecting cues given by the established "architecture" of the environment. 


International and domestic design projects are orchestrated from their Toronto atelier. Finished projects are appropriately understated and suitably luxurious. 


The Powell & Bonnell philosophy is unmistakable in an equally refined and understated offering of furnishings, lighting, mirrors and textiles. Their bespoke collection is made in North American and is arriving on the floor at J Lambeth for you to preview soon!

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Thursday, 09 June 2016 11:13

Free World Tour!

Screenshot 2016-06-09 14.57.27

Virtual World Tour with DEDON

See beautiful new collections from DEDON in outdoor locations around the world. DEDON has created this beautiful interactive site to take you on a virtual world tour while showcasing their stunning outdoor furniture collections for 2016. Click the video below to see a sample of the Seychelles story or scroll down and click the link to view DEDON's captivating virtual tour of their furniture in exotic locations around the world.

View Tour du Monde

Screenshot 2016-06-09 14.57.38

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Friday, 03 June 2016 04:48

Duralee Interviews John Robshaw

John Robshaw


Duralee: If you had a signature color, what would it be?
John Robshaw: Indigo

Duralee: What is your favorite pattern from your collection & why?  
John Robshaw: Kedara. I like the look of a misprinted block.  Sata, I like how the design looks misprinted shifting between a bold statement and a light outline.

John Robshaw

Duralee: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?  
John Robshaw: PAINTER… still trying to be!

Duralee: What was your favorite part about working with Duralee on your collection? 
John Robshaw: I enjoyed working with the great ladies at Duralee.  It was fun watching them try and steer me down different aesthetic paths with all of their experiences with prints over the ages.

Duralee: If you were to pick a song as your anthem, what is it?  
John Robshaw: “LET’S STICK TOGETHER” By Brian Ferry

John Robshaw

Duralee: Design trends tend to be cyclical, what trend would you like to see make a comeback?  Which do you wish would never return? 
John Robshaw: I don't follow trends so much - sorry madames!  Happy to let them all live in this massive world.

Duralee: If you were to collaborate with any fashion designer, who would it be?  
John Robshaw: Big fan of Dries Van Noten.  He is all over the place with prints and I can't quite figure him out.  It intrigues me.

Duralee: Where is the most inspiring place you’ve ever been?  
John Robshaw: Always changing, buy maybe Katmandu in Nepal.  The temples are incredible, as well as the pollution!

John Robshaw

Duralee: If you could live on any movie set, which one would you pick?  
John Robshaw: The English Patient.  Deserts, planes and lovely ladies lost in caves.

Duralee: What is the best advice you could give a new designer just starting out? 
John Robshaw: Apprentice at your favorite designer's studio.  It's the best way to understand the business, see it in action and make some new friends.

Duralee: If you had to choose any other designer to design your home, who would it be and why?  
John Robshaw: Sara Bengur, the Turkish American Star.  She has just the right touch and gets my vibe.

John Robshaw

Duralee: Do you have any hidden talents?  
John Robshaw: I can juggle, play a deadly game of squash and I dive.

Duralee: What’s on your wish-list right now?  
John Robshaw: Around the world trip for 6 months, please!



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Saturday, 14 May 2016 03:50

Spring Lifestyle Report

Spring Lifestyle Report

Century Furniture Spring Lifestyle

This spring Century explores the ideas of confidence, continuity, and collected wisdom. From an urban bohemian lifestyle infused with earthy and saturated colors to a story of the modern curated home, the presentations depict less of the “what we put in our homes” and more of the “how we live and put it together.” The rooms feel effortless but are layered with subtle nuance and details and showcase the strength of Century’s finish and fabric offering. Mixing Thomas O’Brien pieces with new Bob Timber-lake pieces and other new items from the Maison ‘47 Collection, Century artfully shows us how to create collected rooms that feel lived in rather than decorated.

Spring Lifestyle Report

A Curated Home 

The Curated Home is all about this concept of home as a gallery, an ever changing space where furniture moves around as needed instead of being set in one place to live in perpetuity. Rooms should evolve as we collect and curate our lives through time. The colors here are inspired by mineral hues. A punch of citrine awakens the grays and spa blues in one room, while in another gallery Rose Quartz acts as the neutral mixing with taupe and beige. #CenturyCurated #Citrine #Rosequartz #Madebyhand

Spring Lifestyle Report

Organic Modern

Organic modern is the juxtaposition of rus-tic more casual settings with modern things. A contemporary sofa against a planked wall. We were inspired by William Wurster, an early American architect, and his work. Ivory, taupes and powdery and slatey blues mix on modern upholstery. #CenturyOrganicModern #artofmixing #rootedinhistory #Madebyhand

Spring Lifestyle Report


Not meant to conjure a physical place, Century’s Resort Lifestyle is more about a state of mind. Nostalgic prints made youthful and modern with coloration and scale mix with a range of furniture styles showcased in Century’s white lacquer and a new finish, Eden, to create playful rooms. This lifestyle is all about not taking things too seriously, kicking up your feet and living the good life, wher-ever that might be. #CenturyResort #Eden #RobertAllen #MadcapCottage #Madebyhand

Spring Lifestyle Report



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Friday, 13 May 2016 08:42

Show Off Your Curves

Great shape should be flaunted, and LEE is showing off their curves. The new 7022 Sofa Series is notable for gentle arc shape; the curved frame contrasts with the angular lines of the arm panels and back cushions. The 5223-21 Chaise with its low profile arched back, slightly flared arm panels and concave seat front, and would be comfortable in a lady’s parlor or a New York high-rise, proving that good design can do anywhere.

Show Off Your Curves

Like the desert sand define the dunes, so the soft curve in the backrest defines the Curve chair. Even though the materials are weatherproof and durable, the inspiration and the task was to make the chair both comfortable and welcoming.

Show Off Your Curves

Swivel in style with American Leather’s Feliz. A creation from the studio of award-winning designer Rick Lee, Feliz is a stylish accent chair that doesn’t neglect the comfort. This appealing contemporary piece invites you to sit and relax. Great for reading or conversation, Feliz is an eye-grabbing addition to any room.

Show Off Your Curves

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Monday, 25 April 2016 09:20

Dining Stool Trends

They are in your kitchen, on your patio and even doubling as a cocktail table. No longer just for the kitchen island or the decked out man-cave, bar stools are coming in all shapes and sizes and serving multiple functions. The Michael-Cleary showroom has some of the top names and trends in bar seating. Here are just a few popular options, but stop by the showroom and we can help you create a custom dining stool option and you can start your own trend!


[gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="3952,3950,3955,3954"]


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or stop by the showroom in Suite 350 at the Washington Design Center.

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Tuesday, 05 January 2016 02:55

Holly Hunt Miami Design Week


Holly Hunt Miami Design Week Edie Sofa Edie Sofa

Miami Design Week 2015 Collection

Elevated casual is the vibe being set by HOLLY HUNT’s 2015 Miami Design Week Collection. Think plush cushions, reclined seats, tactile finishes and a perfectly balanced mix of soft and sharp lines that invite the eye to travel fully around every piece. A strong introduction of bedroom designs is evident with a beautiful bed, side tables and bedside lamps. Every piece in the collection is meant to be wholly experiential, inviting you to touch, interact and feel engrossed from start to finish. 

[gallery link="file" ids="3722,3726,3723"]

View The Collection

[gallery link="file" ids="3720,3727,3719"]


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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 03:57

Keith Fritz Custom Dining Table Design

Keith Fritz Santos Top

For most people, commissioning a dining table is a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, it’s important to get it right. Keith Fritz Fine Furniture and the Michael-Cleary Showroom, can design and build the perfect dining table that will not only last a lifetime, but generations to come. Every piece is entirely handmade in Southern Indiana and customized to meet each family's needs. The highest quality materials are artfully employed to create a visual masterpiece to be used and cherished. Michael-Cleary welcomes custom projects and Keith is available to meet with each designer personally to help bring your dream to reality. A sampling of his products are proudly represented at the Michael-Cleary Showroom, Suite 350.

Visit Keith Fritz

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Monday, 14 September 2015 03:15

Semi-Annual American Leather Sale

AmericanEye is thrilled to announce their Semi-Annual American Leather Promotion!

For the first time at AmericanEye, they are offering an additional 10% off their low to-the-trade pricing for all American Leather products, from Recliners to Sleep Sofas to Theater Seating! Use American Leather covers, or COM!

The sale period starts September 1 and goes through September 30. Place your orders NOW to be at the front of the line... Ken will even give the discount on orders placed PRIOR to September 1!

Order Now

American Leather Sale at AmericanEye

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