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Wednesday, 11 January 2023 13:50

New Line at HINES & Co.: KOHRO Italy

HINES & Co. now represents KOHRO, an Italian line known for its superb wide-width fabrics, bed linens, and wallcoverings.

Exemplifying taste, savoir-vivre, and outstanding craftsmanship, KOHRO collections leverage their Italian cultural heritage, combining nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology, and unparalleled service. This extraordinary mix promotes a refined sensibility for the home, endless curiosity for the world, and impeccable quality. 


A wide range of fine fabrics, all in double width, results from a fully-controlled textile production supply chain. Linens, cottons, silks, chenille - in solid colors and jacquard, finely embroidered or skillfully finished - convey preciousness and rigor, opulence and simplicity, nature and art, heritage and modernism. Constantly evolving, the collection offers fabrics capable of capturing echoes and atmospheres of different times and places to create interiors of unique elegance.image2 33

Fabric Wallcoverings

Double-width fabrics designed for wallcoverings furnish class and originality. Decorative jacquard or digitally printed patterns, micro patterns, and allover designs in the collection enhance every wall.

image3 35

KOHRO was born in the province of Bergamo in Lombardy, a city surrounded by hills and immersed in nature, with a rich history, art, and a tradition of textile manufacture.

KOHRO is a symbol of an Italian lifestyle that harmoniously blends originality and balance, quality and technological innovation, curiosity, and culture to create an aesthetic recognized and appreciated the world over. Please visit HINES & Co. to discover this refined and highly innovative line.

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Gorgeous fabrics and trims offer the perfect fit for every design aesthetic

MOORPARK, Calif. (Dec. 7, 2021) — ’Tis the season, and Pindler is bringing holiday cheer to designers around the world with 12 days of gorgeous fabrics and trims that are sure to provide the perfect inspiration for every aesthetic. With so many beautiful options to choose from, these go-to fabrics are a gift that keeps on giving.

On the First Day … Hearst Castle

What better way to celebrate the history and tradition of the holidays than with timeless fabrics that tell the story of days of old? Full of grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique, Pindler’s exquisite, exclusive Hearst Castle collection is inspired by the art and antiques found in a famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast.image2-small-34.png

On the Second Day … Small-Scale Prints

Sometimes the smallest holiday presents hold the best gifts. And sometimes small-scale prints are exactly what a design concept needs. With a variety of small-scale patterns — some vibrant and bold and some soft and subtle — Pindler has plenty of options to help any vision come to life.image3-small-36.png

On the Third Day … Florals

For many, the first thing that comes to mind about the holidays is spending time at grandma’s house. And for many, the first thing that comes to mind about grandma’s house is the floral couch. But florals have never really gone out of style, and today’s “grandma chic” trend is all about mixing the old with the new. Flowers go hand-in-hand with this trend, and Pindler has a large collection of classic and unique floral patterns that make it easy to capture the essence of grandma chic style.image4-small-38.png

On the Fourth Day … Faux Furs and Bouclés

When the weather outside is frightful and bundling up with a cup of hot cocoa is the only solution, faux furs and bouclé fabrics offer the ideal cozy atmosphere. Pindler’s bouclé and faux fur options add extra texture and coziness to otherwise basic fabric patterns, making them perfect for curved, voluptuous furniture upholstered in soft textures and chunky, cloud-like pillows layered on top of a bed or sofa. image5-small-40.png

On the Fifth Day … Mixed

Metals From sleigh bells to menorahs, metal plays a major role in holiday décor. And all year round, metal-inspired fabric patterns offer a great way to add a modern, sophisticated touch to any space. With options in silver, gold, bronze and beyond, Pindler offer numerous options that are perfect for mixing and matching.image6-small-42.png

On the Sixth Day … All Things Animal

The holiday season probably brings to mind reindeer and polar bears before cows and leopards, but when it comes to animal print fabrics, all species are welcome. From classic cow prints to unique tiger-inspired patterns, Pindler offers a gorgeous selection to choose from.image7-small-44.png

On the Seventh Day … Stripes, Checks and Plaids

The holidays aren’t complete without cozy flannel pajamas patterned in plaids, stripes or checks. But these patterns work just as well with interior and exterior design aesthetics. From classic patterns to unique designs that make a bold statement, Pindler’s stripes, checks and plaids provide the perfect finishing touch.image8-small-46.png

On the Eighth Day … Faux Leather

Faux leather isn’t just for winter boots and jackets — it can also completely transform any design scheme. Pindler’s faux leathers offer the perfect complement to a variety of looks, from classy to cozy and from elegant to rugged.image9-small-48.png

On the Ninth Day … Cut Velvets

From Santa suits to stockings, the holidays are full of rich velvets. But all year long, even after the last holiday treats have been eaten, Pindler’s cut velvets offer the ideal blend of coziness and luxury. Durable, yet soft and comfortable, velvets add an elegant, smooth look that blends perfectly in a wide variety of design concepts.image10-small-50.png

On the 10th Day … Global Paradise

The holidays are a time filled with travel, and with the right fabrics, you can travel across the world from the comfort of your home. Let the globetrotting begin with Pindler’s patterns inspired by stunning sights from countries near and far.image11-small-52.png

On the 11th Day … Perfect Basics: Linen and Cotton

Just like the holidays, linens and cottons create a feeling of classic comfortability. These tried-and-true fabrics never go out of style, and from traditional patterns to more modern designs, Pindler has an ideal option for every atmosphere.image12-small-54.png

On the Twelfth Day … Wools Sweaters, blankets, scarves, hand-knitted mittens — all holiday staples, and all made from wool.

Comforting and cozy, wools add a homey, sentimental feel to any environment. With Pindler’s broad selection of wools, there’s a perfect fit for every setting.image13-small-56.png


All of these festive fabrics are available at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and nine agent showrooms across the U.S., as well as two agent showrooms in Canada. For more information, visit

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New at HINES & Co.: Indoor-Outdoor Fabric from Harlequin and Sanderson

Colorful Beauty For Indoors And Out

This season, Harlequin and Sanderson are excited to announce the launch of their ranges of indoor-outdoor fabrics. Each collection features 10 stunning prints that work effortlessly across sofas and sun loungers. Created with eco-fast inks, the fabrics are all water-and mildew-resistant, and with excellent resistance to light, colors stay strong, even after the sunniest of days. At 80,000 double rubs, the fabrics in these collections are just as durable as they are beautiful.

From gardens and parks to pools and picnics, Harlequin's bright, luxurious designs empower - encouraging consumers to express their personality through design. Quintessentially British, Sanderson blends countryside and contemporary influences to create a look that suits every space and occasion.

image2 33


The collection of 10 bright, luxurious prints builds on Harlequin’s ethos of empowering consumers to express their personality through design.

image3 35

Harlequin’s recent OWN THE ROOM campaign encouraged homeowners to choose their interior based on their personality. It connected spaces with people. No more making do. The fashion-forward British interior design brand has taken its statement fabrics outside, thus adding peace of mind to high-traffic areas.


image4 37

Sanderson is proud to present its exciting new collection of innovative indoor-outdoor fabrics. Launching AW21 and featuring 10 iconic designs in a choice of four classic color palettes, it’s the perfect way to create a transitional look with a timeless British aesthetic.

image5 39

From yards to porches and poolsides to picnics, Sanderson’s signature style works effortlessly across sofas and sun loungers. Countryside influences sit alongside exquisitely hand-drawn flora and fauna to create a welcoming sanctuary that looks equally at home both indoors and out. With excellent lightfastness, colors remain bright, even under the strongest of sun-drenched days.

Please stop by HINES & Co. to see the new Sanderson and Harlequin Indoor-Outdoor Collections and get inspired today!

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Linherr Hollingsworth's design sensibility includes a balance between strength and softness where organic and handsome is infused with a sultry sophistication. Deeply rooted in classicism with a soulful vibe, Bohème II places a strong focus on art and architecture, picking up where the designer left off with her first lifestyle collection, featuring fabric, trim and wallcovering.

Explore Collection

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Hearst Castle Collection: Q&A With Design Director Sarah Williamson

 Pindler first launched its exclusive Hearst Castle Collection more than 23 years ago, with a selection of beautiful designs reflecting the grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique of this famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast. Inspired by a 2019 trip to the castle, Pindler’s design team recently expanded the collection to include eight gorgeous new patterns. 

In this Q&A, Design Director Sarah Williamson shares behind-the-scenes, creative insights on this one-of-a-kind fabric collection.

What was your creative process for developing the new Hearst Castle patterns?

For this latest Hearst Castle collection, our design team spent a week with the staff at the castle and toured all of the property and its extensive archives for fresh inspiration. We left with so many great ideas and took our time finding the right mills to partner with on these designs, making sure we translated the items or imagery into fabrics that showed the detail and beauty.

 image3 small 36

What was the most exciting part of creating these new designs?

I think the process of translating an existing design into fabric is so exciting. A great example would be 7128 – Terrazza. This design was inspired by a geometric wood carving on a desk found in a bedroom in the North Wing of Casa Grande. The carving was translated into a midscale design, which is embroidered on a faux silk ground, and could be used in any space – transitional, traditional, or contemporary.

image4 small 38

What do these new additions offer that wasn’t previously available to designers?

I think this collection has a lot of classic design with a modern twist. You have traditional and transitional embroideries colored in sophisticated and useable hues, luxurious and plush velvets, and digitally printed linen designs, which offer an old-world look in a fresh medium.

What types of environments do you envision these patterns in?

I see each of these designs reaching into many design aesthetics. The Hearst Castle Collection has always been styled for a traditional look, but I feel we’ve colored the collection and introduced new designs that have a great transitional feel.

 image5 small 40

Do you have a favorite design? 

I’d have to say my favorite is 7123 – Renacimiento. The design was inspired by an ornate wood carving found in the lower South Duplex Suite. The Duplex Suites were designed by Julia Morgan to accommodate more of Hearst’s guests in Casa Grande. Our interpretation of the carving work was translated into a beautiful, large-scale, floral design that is embroidered on a wool-blended felt ground cloth. It’s so unique and comes in five stunning colorways – Peridot is my favorite. 

Is there anything else designers should know about the Hearst Castle collection? 

Pindler has been so fortunate over the past 25+ years to be given access to the vast and diverse collections and archives of decorative arts collected by William Randolph Hearst. We are very excited for this new collection to launch and to continue telling the story of Hearst’s passion for all things beautiful. We are also very proud to say a portion of the proceeds from this collection goes to the preservation of the property, which is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the areas of historic architecture, landscapes and decorative arts. 

image6 41

View the whole collection here:

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We've got the inside scoop on two new collections from Pindler. Keep reading.

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Measuring Your Windows For Drapery

Featured Photo: Byron and Byron window hardware available at Duralee

Whether you are sewing your own window treatments, having them custom-made, or buying them off the shelf, one of the most important steps is having proper window measurements.

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If you didn't make it to High Point Market this year, no problem! We are going to show you what was hot and what was trending for the latest interior design products of 2017.

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Thursday, 09 March 2017 14:34

New Neutral Everyone Wants

The Beauty of Blush

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Monday, 06 March 2017 16:22

A Collector's Eye - by Madcap Cottage

The Madcap boys are back with another bewitching collection for Robert Allen @ Home.

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