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Storied Interiors - Patrick Sutton

Book Signing at Doris Leslie Blau

STORIED INTERIORS The Designs of Patrick Sutton And The Stories That Shaped Them

Patrick Sutton

"Like my father, I have become a storyteller of sorts. I seek out the authentic spirit that inhabits a place and weave in the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of my clients to craft a tale that it uniquely theirs. Wherein my
father used the printed word to transport his readers, I use color, form, texture and design to do the same."

- Patrick Sutton

Interior Designer Patrick Sutton is recognized for creating luxurious and timeless spaces. He spent his childhood touring the world at the side of his father, a travel journalist, and mother, a fashion model. From the sunsets in Kenya to the seasides of the Amalfi Coast, Sutton develop a vivid visual knowledge of the world's most beautiful spaces. Now based in Baltimore, Sutton uses these memories to craft designs closely related to his clients and their stories.

In his first book, STORIED INTERIORS, Sutton explores the relationship between the story we all carry in our mind of what our life might look like, the spaces we live in, and lifestyle we dream of. Sutton showcases sophisticated environments of ten residences and four hotels and restaurants, including the award-winning Sagamore Pendry Baltimore Hotel. Sutton provides a narrative for each chapter taking readers on a journey through his storytelling process accompanied by more than 300 color photographs. Throughout the book, Sutton shares with his readers how to create evocative interiors and spaces in their own home, by helping them Find, Craft, Tell and Share their Stories.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Raised in New York, the son of a famed travel journalist father and fashion model mother, Patrick Sutton's unique background has exposed him to a world of elegance, romance, and luxury few have had the opportunity to experience. These extensive travels have left him with a vast and vivid memory of the world's most beautiful places and elegant settings. This history, coupled with his studies and training as an architect, have shaped his process of design as creating a complete experience, unifying the clarity and structure of architecture with the romance and detail of the decorative arts.


Patrick Sutton Book Signing

1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia 1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia
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25 October 2018 , 11:00 AM

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25 October 2018 25 October 2018 Patrick Sutton Book Signing