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Chawton Vaughan Event


Guest Speakers

Victoria de Lotbinière, Executive Vice President, Vaughan 

Christine Haney, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Vaughan 

Event Description

Join HINES & Co. for an exclusive, in-depth look at Vaughan’s new Chawton Collection. A combination of contemporary and classic pieces largely based on early 20th-century design, the collection includes furniture, decorative mirrors, hall lanterns, and table lamps.

Located in the heart of Hampshire, England, near Vaughan’s factory, Chawton is known for its ancient woodlands and chalky hills. Famous for being home to Jane Austen in the later years of her life, the village serves as the perfect metaphor for Vaughan’s new collection—showcasing the abundance of the natural world and honoring the products’ historical context.

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Introducing the Chawton Collection with Vaughan Designs

Type: General
Event Dates
19 May 2021 , 01:00 PM

Business Details
1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington 20005, District of Columbia
(202) 484-8200
19 May 2021 19 May 2021 Introducing the Chawton Collection with Vaughan Designs