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Anees Furniture tour


Please join HINES & Co. and Anees Upholstery for a fascinating and informative behind-the-scenes tour of their atelier. Samir Jaber will lead us through the various stations involved in the furniture-making process, including the cutting department with its patterns, the woodshop, the upholstery department, and the finishing station. He will conclude the tour with a Q&A session to answer any questions regarding the creation of fine furniture.

About Anees Upholstery

Founded in 1997, Anees Upholstery is one of Chicago’s foremost custom furniture makers, providing service to the trade as well as residential and commercial clients. They began as a small family-owned and operated shop that has over the years grown into a successful custom furniture manufacturing company with a professional facility and an impressive client roster. Today, Anees Upholstery remains a family-owned and operated business and is recognized as one of the nation’s premier furniture manufacturers.


Behind the Scenes with Anees Upholstery

Type: General
Event Dates
29 April 2021 , 02:00 PM

Business Details
1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington 20005, District of Columbia
(202) 484-8200
29 April 2021 29 April 2021 Behind the Scenes with Anees Upholstery